Hi, my name is Connor Unger and this summer I have been interning in the CMANTIC Robotics Lab. Over the course of this internship I have learned quite a bit about robotics from having hands on experience. My initial project was to incorporate an ultrasonic sensor onto a turtlebot, which is a robot that resembles Read More

Big Data Analytics

I’m an intern at Big Data Analytics. Before this summer, I had no idea what big data analytics was. It sounded like this fancy concept that people just used to sound knowledgeable. I still do not know the full realm of big data, but I have become acclimated with data associated with public health and Read More

Mobile Android Development

My name is Cade Wolcott and I am participating in the Mobile Android Development Lab this summer. So far, this internship has been one of the greatest educational experiences I have ever been a part of. In the past month I have learned so many useful things, specifically relating to Android development. From core Java Read More

Information Assurance

By Andrew Mizener Nearing the end of my time here at UNO, I find myself becoming accustomed to my routine. Each day I wake up, eat breakfast, and drive to PKI to lose myself in my work. I’m delighted to come here every morning with a new problem to solve and no idea how to Read More

Applied Innovation Lab

Hello again, it’s me, Matt from the Applied Innovations Lab. I have really enjoyed my time here and have loved the environment here. All of the people in my lab have been very easy going and helpful in anything that I sought to accomplish. I have been able to learn a little bit about a Read More


Hi! I am Sneh Koul and I am a Bioinformatics Intern! In the first week of this internship I got to learn the basics such as the introduction to bioinformatics and networks but also during this week I had techademy where I learned the concepts of the central dogma, transcription, and translation, also learning the Read More

IT Innovation

by: Emily Buettner Working in UNO’s Innovation Lab has been an experience I can never forget. I have accomplished so much in the short time of this internship. I have had the resources to help me learn Swift (the coding language of Apple Co for their app development), I have started creating my own games Read More

Public Health Informatics

Terese Navarra Starting a new job is always exiting. New thing happen everyday day and you learn so much. It’s been two and a half weeks at the UNO IS&T internship, and I couldn’t be more happy about being in the public health information lab. We’ve been doing so much, like learning 4 programming languages Read More

My name is Jon Dormady, one of the interns working in the Bioinformatics Lab. For this summer, the Bioinformatics interns will be working with the oncogenic pathways in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma(DLBCL) and different methods to ultimately answer the two main goals of our research: to discover how the chromosomal changes in DNA correlate with the differential Read More