India, You Better Be Ready!

After a full year of maybe’s and timid consideration, I finally said yes to a study abroad during my third year at UNO. Now, more than ever I am 100% committed, excited, and overjoyed that I have the opportunity to travel to India for a full semester abroad! Thanks to the encouragement and money given Read More

Senior Show

Sometimes I feel like the odd one out at the College of IS&T because my degree isn’t in this college. However, I think its a good thing. I bring a little more variety and perspective. I’ve been told by my boss that I come up with really interesting website interactions. For my Graphic Design Studio Read More

Meet the Pros

I’ve spent the last two days at probably the most influential conference of my career at Meet The Pros. It was jam packed with priceless advice and laughs from fellow graphic designers and business professionals. I walked away wiser and ultimately a better designer. My ultimate goal was to find job leads as a web Read More

An Iconic Anniversary

Today is a monumental anniversary in computing and advertising:  It’s the 30th anniversary of the Ridley Scott-directed “1984″ Apple commercial being aired at the Super Bowl!  The commercial, based of course on Orwell’s classic 1984, heralded the release of the Macintosh computer two days later, on January 24, 1984. There’s been a lot of analysis of Read More

New Year, In With a Bang

Okay, not so much a “bang” as a foot-dragging “Is break over already?!”  I think it’s safe to say that neither I nor anyone else was quite ready for winter break to end. The new semester has picked up steam and we’re back to the same old work/class routine.  I’m looking forward to quite a few Read More

Greatness to Come

Finals weren’t so bad last month. It felt crazy, but I think most of us like to do most of the work last minute and that puts us on edge. I know I did a couple of finals days before it was due when I had weeks to prepare. But sometimes it feels like your Read More

From an IA Major’s Bearded Lips

  NO SHAVE NOVEMBEEERR!!! Enough said, right? :) It’s been an awesome several weeks here folks.  Classes are getting tougher – as they should – and I’m getting psyched up for the next semester.  First thing’s first, though; the holiday season’s coming.  Gotta’ love it.  Everything’s a bit chillier with snow expected Wednesday, and it’s Read More

Living Out the Glory Days

Back in high school I was someone you could call a “Theatre Junky.” I absolutely loved and lived theatre at Skutt Catholic High School, where I acted, sang and danced in 3 musicals, performed in 6 plays, 3 student directed plays, and ran the sound board for 1. There is no place I would rather Read More

Personal Growth

Lately I have felt empowered. I’m feeling confident in my work and in myself. Significantly more than I felt a year ago. But at the beginning of the semester I had a bit of a freakout. This is my last year and then I would be out of my own for good. I would no Read More